Money Well Spent…

Having a bronchial condition I was naturally interested in the HEPA air purifier, as it was promoted to me, as a replacement for the column air cleaner.

The main reason for this attraction was the “whole house” characteristic of the HEPA device as opposed to the localized aspect of the one I was using. The system of hi-tech functional filters induced me to acquire the unit.

By attaching the HEPA to the furnace there is, I believe, a complete change of air 30 times per day for a home our size. As a noticeable result, the persistent accumulation of phlegm I had been experiencing, over and above my COPD, for the previous 4 months gradually declined then cleared.

I can now confidently assume that my breathing has improved proportionately. As I have said many times since…

This was money well spent.

Bruce Little
Hamilton, ON

You Really Impressed Me…

Hi Peter,

I want to tell you how much I appreciated what you did for us today. You were AMAZING!!!

Your son was wonderful. He helped me right away. He is such a gentleman.

Your presentation skills are fantastic. I really believe that you provide customers with honest to goodness information that will help them live healthier lives. Your passion and kindness is just such so refreshing. Your background is incredible. I would absolutely buy my IAQ System from you because I feel you really care. This would be so important to me.

I hope we can send you lots of business. When you have time, can you e-mail me your new business card. I will then forward to everyone who answers the phone in our company and tell them to pass leads to you.

Can we send customers to you for replacement filters? Also, what about service? Do you want to be added to our Service Depot Sheet?

Look forward to hearing from you. I will be back in the office next week if you have a few minutes to talk.

You really impressed me today. Please thank your son and tell him how much I appreciated his help.

Kind regards,

A  Comfortable Place To Live In…

I have lived in my century home now for almost 7 years.  For the first 6 years, I experienced a chronic sore throat and itchy palette.

It is obvious that I was allergic to something, but was unsure what it was.

Last year my furnace broke down, requiring me to purchase a new one, along with a new water heater. I took the opportunity to switch to a tankless water heating system as it seemed a waste of natural gas to be heating a large water heater for one person. I am very pleased with this system especially knowing that I am saving on my gas bill.

I also had a Hepa air cleaner with ultraviolet light and photo catalytic filter. This system allows a constant flow of fresh filtered air throughout my home.

Soon after this was installed, I noticed the sore throat and allergic symptoms had gone.

Thank-you Peter for suggesting the air filter and for going above and beyond to make my home a comfortable place to live in.


Margaret Kneulman

Hamilton, Ontario

Love your Updates and enthusiasm…

“love your updates and enthusiasm for helping all of us to breathe better!”


Susan Chapman
MANAGER, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – CENTRAL ONTARIO (Please note my revised e-mail address)

The Lung Association – Ontario
762 Upper James Street, Suite 278, Hamilton ON L9C 3A2
Cell: 905-745-7416


When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

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