Peter (The Air Doctor) Chernets


Peter ( The Air Doctor ) Chernets, B.B.A. Building Biology Advocate, IAC2 International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, PRO-LAB Partner Mold and Radon Tester, CHI Certified Internachi Home Inspector, G2 T.S.S.A. Certified Natural Gas Fitter, H.R.A.I. Residential Indoor Awareness Program

Peter is a former 30 year Lab Technician at Dofasco (now Arcelor Mittal), a steel mill in his home town of Hamilton, Ontario since 1912. Having worked in such an environment for so long, he is an expert on the value of fresh air.

Most scientists now agree that exposure to small particles in the air, known as particulate matter, are the source of respiratory and cardiovascular problems  caused by air pollution.

Although improving, air quality readings in Hamilton are typically higher than other Canadian cities. And, the air pollution in Hamilton may contain Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Total Reduced Sulphur, Benzene, and the carcinogenic substance known as Benzo[a]pyrene. This is concerning since the average adult takes from 17,000 to 28,000 breaths per day.

Is there a way to sigh a breath of relief?

Why Healthy Home Comfort?

Peter has lived  and worked in  Hamilton’s  North End for close to 40 years and  owns a beautiful home with a fantastic view of Hamilton Harbour, not far from the former Stelco and Dofasco Steel Companies. Sometimes the pollution in the air is too much to take. As an allergy sufferer he began looking for solutions and learned about Air Purifiers and home ventilation options.

After enjoying the benefits of an air purification unit in his own home for 14 years, he installed one for his mother too. He realized he couldn’t control the environment outside, but inside his own home he could control his air quality and his comfort level. Furthermore, some air purifiers could be tax deductible for people with respiratory problems.

Do These Products Actually Work?

Peter found that there are some great products for improving your home comfort. But they’re not all great. The best products are typically backed by scientific research.

Now, he’s made it his business to find “scientifically proven products for healthier home comfort.” To put your mind at ease that you’re getting the best products, Mr. Peterson’s provides a “Satisfaction Guarantee” on the quality and effectiveness of the products his company offers.

Learn the Truth About Your Home

You typically can’t see or smell many of the pollutants in your home. Wouldn’t you like to know if you are waking up everyday to unwanted pollutants that are having an accumulative impact on your health? The only way to identify them is with testing equipment.

The Air Doctor can test your home for the pollutants that may be risking your health, and solutions for each:

  1. Air purification
  2. Mold testing
  3. Surface management
  4. Non-Toxic Hand  Sanitizer
  5. Non-Toxic Botanical Disinfectant
  6. RADON Testing
  7. Electromagnetic Radiation
  8. Ventilation

Get In Your Home Comfort Zone

The Air Doctor believes your home “should” be your sanctuary. While you can’t control the pollution outdoors, you can control the environment inside your home – your comfort zone.

We sincerely believe in the value we offer and have satisfied clients to prove it. If you are interested in improving your home environment, please contact us. We’d love to do what we do best – help you enjoy a healthier living environment.

Then, you can consider your options by reading our product descriptions. These will explain the steps you can take to improve your Home Comfort.


Peter ( The Air Doctor ) Chernets BBP, CHI, IAC2, IASQ, TSSA

Head Office: 905-522-4000
Hamilton, ON Canada

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